If you’re familiar with Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse, you know that he’s a diehard Husker fan.

Unfortunately for Sasse, he lost in two ways when the Huskers fell 40-10 in the regular season finale in Iowa City. Not only did he watch his team lose to its new rival, he also lost a bet.

Last week, you might’ve seen that Sasse was getting ready to drive an Uber in Des Moines while wearing Hawkeye gear for losing said bet.

This week, you get to see Sasse do just that (H/T Benny Johnson):

By night’s end, Sasse had four rides last Friday night. None resulted in any major incidents and the proceeds went to charity.

Sasse said the last two years that he bet on the Huskers to win the Heroes Trophy, only to come up short. He referenced how Nebraska won most of its games the last century while Iowa was off doing other things.

Perhaps Sasse will take a year off from his annual bet to see if Nebraska’s fortunes turn around.

Here’s the entire video (via Benny Johnson):