Spencer Petras will be staying at Iowa for the 2023 season, but he will not be playing for the Hawkeyes.

Though he has a year of eligibility remaining from the COVID season, Petras is remaining in Iowa City and helping with the program this fall per Scott Dochterman with The Athletic. Petras could still utilize his year of eligibility in 2024, but that would be likely to happen elsewhere if he decides to play.

Petras was the starting QB for Iowa during a B1G West winning season in 2021 and again in 2022. He received heavy criticism a season ago as the Hawkeye offense struggled mightily.

Wide receiver Nico Ragaini recently talked about that new role for Petras and called the situation “pretty inspirational” the way Petras has chipped in to help the program. Ragaini also said Petras has helped with multiple positions across the board this offseason.

“He attacks everything head on which I think is very cool of him,” said Ragaini per The Hawkeye Report. “It’s one thing to leave Iowa City, but just to — he hurt his shoulder, he’s not playing QB here anymore, and he’s just jumping in to help our team out. It’s just pretty inspirational to me for real, that’s how I feel about him.”