Spencer Petras is focused on making the most of this season and learning from mistakes he will making during the season.

Petras was named Iowa’s starting quarterback and will get the start on Saturday. Petras will be expected to limit turnovers and lead the Hawkeyes to another successful season.

Last season, Petras struggled to be a big playmaker for Iowa, which was why Petras had a competitive quarterback battle with Alex Padilla. Petras was prone to making mistakes and he failed to have the type of 2021 season he hoped for.

Petras spoke about moving on from mistakes and getting better in 2022:

“None of us have the time stone, like it’s Avengers. Wish I did. That’d be great,” Petras said. “When stuff like that happens, you’ve just got to move forward.”

Petras had 10 touchdowns and 9 interceptions in 2021. He was anticipating a breakout season and that never materialized for Petras.

With the support of Iowa’s coaching staff, Petras will have some security to make mistakes and move forward. Iowa will rely on Petras to have a solid outing against South Dakota State. Petras talked about Iowa’s Week 1 opponent:

“There’s no having to (manufacture getting) us fired up for this game. This is a good football team, they’re really well-coached. They’re coming here to beat us,” Petras said.

This will be Petras’ season to prove why he was the right man for the starting quarterback job. Iowa’s journey starts  against South Dakota State at 12 p.m. ET.