Iowa football took a break from practice on Thursday to have a little competition between the offensive and defensive line. The 2 squads of big men had to field punts from a Jugs Sports Passing Machine.

Each lineman had 3 punts sent at them, with the 1st 2 balls worth 1 point and last ball worth 2 points. The lineman with most points at the end was winner.

Both the offensive line and defensive line got off to a good start, as it quickly became tied at 8. The contest would later come down to a 13-13 tie. OL Tyler Elsbury standing in the way of a defensive lineman victory.

Elsbury went on to snag the last 3 footballs to give the offensive lineman the win 16-14. It’s always good to take a break from practice with a little friendly competition.

Here’s the full video of the game between the 2 squads: