Stanford’s band did not make any friends in Iowa on Friday.

At halftime, Stanford’s band attempted to steal the shows by — of all things — trolling farmers. They made a fake cow, got in the shape of a heart and an arrow in an attempt to make fun of The band played the dating website’s jingle, formed a corn maize, formed the face of a sad farmer and tipped the fake cow.

In case you missed it, here’s a look at the heart formation and the fake cow:

It was actually so painfully awkward that ESPN zoomed out from its aerial shot and pulled its coverage off the air.

As it should’ve, the band went off the field to a chorus of boos from Iowa fans.

Well, it decided that simply trolling our nation’s food source wasn’t enough. The Stanford band director fired off this tweet after his group disgraced itself on national television.

Stay classy, Stanford.