TJ Hockenson is gearing up for a strong year with the Detroit Lions. He also provided an MVP performance for one young fan during training camp.

During a recent practice, head coach Dan Campbell took time to meet and greet some fans in attendance. One of those people, a young fan named Logan, asked Campbell to relay an important message to Hockenson.

Logan asked Campbell to tell Hockenson “hi” for him. Campbell took the message to heart, writing a note on his palm to relay to the tight end.

Hockenson responded:

“Logan, what’s up buddy? Coach Campbell told me to tell you what’s up, he said he wrote it on his hand or gave himself a reminder,” said Hockenson. “Just wanted to say thanks for coming out.”

Entering his 4th season, Hockenson was limited to 12 games in 2021 after a Pro Bowl year in 2020. Hopefully, he’s able to bounce back entering 2022.