Tony Perkins made a highlight play during the first half of the Bethune-Cookman game. His steal led to a dunk of his own.

Perkins was guarding his man very close and was able to force a turnover as a result of his stellar defense. There was no one to contest Perkins after he stole the ball, and he was able to have a nice slam dunk on the opposite end of the court.

Perkins played in 36 games for Iowa last season. He averaged 7.4 points, 2.4 rebounds, and 1.6 per game for the Hawkeyes in 2021. Perkins also made 44.6% of his shots and 32.1% of his three-pointers last season.

Iowa didn’t last too long in the NCAA Tournament last season, losing to Richmond in the 1st Round 67-63. The Hawkeyes will now need to find a way to make up for the production that Keegan Murray had now that he’s in the NBA with the Sacramento Kings.

Fans can watch the game on ESPNU.