Tory Taylor is having a fantastic start to the 2022 season as he is getting a lot of usage through two weeks. In his first five punts of the Week 2 home game versus Iowa State, Taylor has accumulated 254 yards of punts with 2 of them being touchbacks and 2 of being inside the 20-yard line, and his longest being 63-yards.

On this particularly play, Taylor drilled a long punt that was expertly placed out of bounds inside the 10-yard-line.

Taylor had 10 punts for 479 yards with an average of 47.9 yards in Iowa’s Week 1 7-3 win at home over South Dakota State. Taylor had 2 touchbacks and 7 punts inside the 20-yard line. He was one of the top players in the game.

While the offense of Iowa continues to struggle, the defense and special teams is creating huge plays. Last week against South Dakota State, Iowa accounted for two safeties. Against Iowa State, Iowa has accounted for two blocked punts.