Tory Taylor is coming off a magnificent performance punting the ball against Wisconsin. He’s continuing his fantastic work in Week 8 for Iowa’s home game against Minnesota.

At one point in the second quarter, Taylor punted with the line of scrimmage at his own 45-yard line. He drilled a beauty tailing toward the sideline inside the 5-yard line.

To make sure the ball did not reach the goal line for a touchback, Cooper DeJean soared in for a beautiful grab. He pinned the ball inside the 1-yard line with the Golden Gophers pinned back in incredible fashion. Check it out:


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The punt was officially ruled a 55-yard boomer for Taylor. The kick also did its job with Iowa’s defense forcing a 3-and-out.

Minnesota’s punt by Mark Crawford was less impressive. It traveled just 36 yards and allowed Iowa to start a drive in Minnesota’s territory. As a result, the Hawkeyes were able to generate a 6-play, 46-yard drive for a touchdown to make it 10-3 inside a minute to play during the second quarter.

It may not always be exciting, but Taylor continues to be a key piece and game-changing player for the Hawkeyes.