Anytime the Hawkeyes are inside Kinnick Stadium, they’re going to dedicate a portion of the game or event those overlooking the field from the Stead Family Children’s Hospital. That was the case again on Saturday.

Iowa’s football team took the field for an open spring practice on Saturday morning, allowing fans to fill Kinnick Stadium and catch their first glimpse of the 2022 team. During the practice, players, coaches and fans continued the tradition of turning to the children’s hospital overlooking the field and waved.

Scott Dochterman of The Athletic captured the moment on video:

Seeing The Wave will never get old. It’s easily the best tradition in college football and it’s always great to see everyone take time to show support for the families looking on from the hospital.

Iowa is closing out the spring season this month after winning the B1G West and racking up 10 wins in 2021. The Hawkeyes return to Kinnick Stadium for the first game of the 2022 campaign on Saturday, Sept. 3 when they’ll host FCS foe South Dakota State.

At the end of the first quarter, The Wave will also make its return.