The University of Iowa is planning to welcome student-athletes back to campus and begin practicing as early as June 1, according to the school’s president.

On Thursday afternoon, University of Iowa President¬† Bruce Harreld said that the school’s student-athletes are planning to resume to team activities and practices on June 1. He included football in those comments, according to Vanessa Miller of The Gazette.¬†

“We have a moratorium on all team-related activities until June 1,” Harreld said. “We’re ever so hopeful that this virus will be behind us at that point, and we’ll be able to get back into what we normally do.”

Iowa is already one of a handful of schools that is planning to host on-campus classes during the fall semester. Other B1G universities planning to do the same include Purdue, Nebraska and Michigan. Currently, Michigan State is planning to move forward with online classes.

When pressed whether or not there would be a possibility of teams playing games in empty stadiums without fans, Harreld said he wasn’t sure if that would be a possibility.

“Would we let players play with no fans? I don’t know,” Harreld said. “We’d have to do a lot of testing of the individual players.”

Decision-makers at the college level and involved with NCAA athletics are brainstorming contingency plans for the 2020 college football season. The primary goal would be to play the season without any interruptions, but individuals are working on backup plans if necessary.

Still, Harreld’s comments show that there is some momentum to start the season on time and get the college football season kicked off as planned.