Are you serious, Luka Garza?

Discussing the extraordinary exploits of the star center for the Hawkeyes is becoming a near-daily event. Even in the win over North Carolina, when Garza had his worst shooting night of the season, he still finished with a double-double and four blocks.

In Friday night’s game against in-state rival Iowa State, Garza wasn’t fooling around, making sure to bounceback in a crazy fashion. He put up an incredible 34 points to go with three rebounds and an assist. But in typical Garza fashion, the point total alone does not tell the full story.

For the game, Garza shot an unbelievable 13-for-14 from the floor and an incredible 6-for-7 from three-point range. That means Garza did not miss a bucket from inside the arc, finishing 7-for-7 inside three-point range.

Garza also contributed 34 points in just 17 minutes of game time. Here’s how that stacks up over the recent history of college basketball:

Garza’s performance was more than enough in leading the Hawkeyes to a win over the Cyclones as Iowa won 105-77. It’s just about time for Garza to now set his sights on the B1G slate.