Some people understand Twitter, some people don’t. Put Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz in the category that doesn’t.

College football’s longest-tenured coach is old school in just about every way. That includes social media. Despite the push that several coaches have made to get more involved on platforms such as Twitter, Ferentz isn’t hustling over to his laptop to setup a new account.

And at B1G Media Days, we found out why.

We’ve all seen the “Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets” segments made popular by late nigh show host Jimmy Kimmel. Well, BTN thought it would only be appropriate if it gave Ferentz an opportunity to see what people were saying about him on Twitter.

The result? A pretty entertaining one-minute video:

Aside from the “Kirk Ferentz Draft” tweet (my personal favorite), the best part of this video might be Ferentz explaining why he hasn’t caved and created an account.

“First of all, I don’t read Twitter,” Ferentz said in the video. “Secondly, I don’t do Twitter. Although, I am reading Twitters right now. I may start, because these are kind of entertaining and interesting.”

I think that statement pretty much sums up why the Iowa head coach hasn’t gotten involved in social media.