What’s the best anyone could give Kirk Ferentz? Chewing or bubble gum might be the best answer. And one of Iowa’s young Kid Captains for the 2019 season knows the Hawkeyes head coach pretty well.

Saturday, Iowa hosted an open practice for fans, which also featured its Kid Captain squad for the 2019 season — patients from the Universtiy of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital that overlooks Kinnick Stadium. One of the captains got the opportunity to meet Ferentz, and she came loaded with a gift.

A giant pack of chewing gum.

Ferentz, of course, has been known for years for chewing mounds of gum while on the sidelines during his coaching career. So the giant pack may last him a week or so.

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But after Ferentz received his gift, he was able to have an awesome exchange with the girl who had the gift for the head coach. It’s already in the running for the best moment of the season.

Below is the video of the exchange, posted by Rob Howe of Hawkeye Nation:

She seemed a little bashful, but was excited to hand Ferentz the gift. That’s a pretty incredible moment.

We’ll need to find out how long that pack of gum lasts Ferentz.