The No. 18 Iowa Hawkeyes traveled to face No. 17 Penn State on Saturday and weather conditions weren’t favorable for an offensive football game to take place.

Despite this, Penn State led Iowa 30-24 as the Hawkeyes were driving with under 1:00 left and no timeouts. There was still a chance.

Iowa, of course, ended up not converting on its opportunity and lost the game. But with 48 seconds left, QB Nate Stanley found TE T.J. Hockenson along the sideline.

The play itself took 15 seconds, and Hockenson appeared to have caught the ball while going out of bounds. After review, however, it was called incomplete.

This play of course wasted time, which Iowa didn’t have much of.

Here’s a look at the overruled catch:

It looks as though Hockenson certainly caught the ball, but did he have possession while one foot was still in bounds? That’s where the referees stepped in and changed the call.

Had the play been ruled a catch, Iowa would have had a much better opportunity to get multiple chances at the end-zone. The last play of the game ended with Stanley going to the ground and he flipped it to a lineman who eventually got tackled.

Not ideal.