Winning a bowl game is always a special accomplishment. Beating an SEC team in the postseason means even more, especially for B1G teams.

So Iowa’s 27-22 win over Mississippi State on New Year’s Day wasn’t just important for the Hawkeyes, it was pretty special to the entire conference.

A few days after the win, Iowa sportscaster Keith Murphy of WHO-TV made the Hawkeyes’ bowl victory the highlight of his segment “Murphy’s Law.” The sportscaster didn’t hold back, praising Iowa for its huge win and ripping Mississippi State for all the trash-talking leading up to the game.

Yeah, Iowa fans are going to love his take.

Iowa finished the 2018 season with a 9-4 record. The Outback Bowl victory might be right up there with wins over rivals Iowa State and Nebraska.

Lesson to Mississippi State? It’s not a good idea to trash-talk the Hawkeyes. You’ll deal with some wrath during — and after — the game.