There’s been a bit of a role reversal to the greatest tradition in college football.

The Iowa Wave has gained plenty of fame over the last two years, as players, coaches, fans and officials turn to the UI Stead Family Hospital overlooking Kinnick Stadium after the first quarter of home games and wave to the children watching from above.

On Thursday, though, there was a bit of a twist to the tradition. With two Iowa tight ends — T.J. Hockenson and Noah Fant — getting drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft, patients, parents and nurses had special messages. They congratulated Hockenson and Fant on their big night and wished them luck in the future.

And, of course, the message was accompanied by a wave.

That’s a pretty cool moment to help commemorate a special night for Hockenson and Fant.

With both players going in the first round, Iowa made history at the NFL Draft. It’s now the first program to ever have two tight ends selected in the first round of the same draft. Not too shabby.

Hockenson was selected by the Detroit Lions and No. 8 and Fant was taken by the Denver Broncos at No. 20.