There are some mixed reactions when it comes to the Iowa Hawkeyes going into the 2021-2022 season.

Before each season, Athlon Sports releases a list of comments that Big Ten coaches make about other teams anonymously within the conference. Some talk about some red flags about a program going into the season, some others praise a program for how good they potentially may be.

When it comes to Iowa, there are some that believe this could be the end for Kirk Ferentz there, while others think that they could potentially win their division.

Nevertheless, no one ever knows what to expect with the Hawkeyes because they always will play up to bigger opponents but also play down to worse competition.

Here’s what some B1G anonymous coaches had to say about the Hawkeyes heading into this season, per Athlon Sports:

“A lot of talk has been about whether or not Kirk Ferentz is going to step down soon, but it doesn’t really show when you look at the team on the field. Losing some assistants added smoke to the fire with the conditioning coach being bought out. Maybe this is the beginning of the end? This isn’t his best team by any stretch, but they’re still really consistent, really Iowa, for lack of a better term. If last year was normal I think you would’ve seen them get hotter and hotter down the stretch.”

“How good is Spencer Petras? That’s their biggest focus. We’ve always wondered why they haven’t incorporated more QB run into what they do. If they had a real, live QB run threat with their running game package they’d be really dangerous.”

“This could be a really good offense if they can make sure the line can keep up. Losing the OL coach [Tim Polasek] is a big deal for them.”

“The big thing to watch, especially with [Chris] Doyle gone, is how they replace all that D-line talent. This is, or was, one of the best development programs in the country. They’re losing a lot on that side and there are some new faces in charge behind the scenes.”

“They could easily win the division, which is remarkable given some of the talk about this staff and program.”

“After the big-brand schools, Iowa is really the model in our league, and maybe even more than those guys. They do the most with their guys. They’re successful, but they’ve also found a way to sustain it.”

Ferentz has been the head coach at Iowa since 1999 and led the Hawkeyes to a 6-2 record last season. They were supposed to play Missouri in the Music City Bowl but it ended up being canceled due to COVID-19.

Iowa will open up this season at home against Indiana on September 4th.