The same day that it was announced the University of Iowa and football strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle reached a separation agreement, school athletic director Gary Barta spoke with the media.

Monday, Barta hosted a press conference to discuss Doyle’s parting after 21 seasons and the “racial disparities” that were recently brought to light by former Iowa players. Below are some of the statements Barta made during his meeting with reporters.

  • “We don’t need an independent review to know we have issues. …However, the independent review is important to address the specific concerns that have arisen.”
  • “I can to the conclusion that a separation from Coach Doyle was the sensible and thoughtful thing to do. This was not a decision I made lightly. It is just one piece of the plan we have moving forward. …Kirk and I were in full agreement in that being a step.”
  • “I do remain confident Kirk Ferentz can lead this team moving forward.”
  • “The foundation is still strong. We need to rebuild trust, we need to get better and then we can return to the positives that the foundation was built on.
  • “I had convinced myself we were doing enough. The past few weeks has been a wake-up call.”

Below is Barta’s complete press conference from Monday: