We have seen the transfer portal make its impact at least a dozen or so times already for Big Ten teams.

We may see it affect Maryland sooner than later. Eyabi Anoma is currently a LB at Alabama, but as of Saturday, he took a flight from Alabama to Washington D.C. and is not enrolled in any classes at Alabama.

Could a transfer be looming? Quite possibly. Anoma has actually been in the transfer portal once already.

According to BamaInsider, Nick Saban got to Anoma and got him to take his name out of the portal within 24 hours of Anoma putting his name in the portal. Of course, things are looking more interesting today as opposed to early February, when Anoma put his name in the portal.

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If the former 5-star recruit that has played LB for the Crimson Tide isn’t enrolled in classes yet, is in Washington D.C. now and is from Baltimore, Md., the urge to potentially transfer to Maryland may be there.

In fact, Anoma has a strong tie with current Terrapins head coach Mike Locksley. Why?

Because Locksley was previously an assistant under Nick Saban when Anoma last played for the Crimson Tide. The two have a bond.

Note: Anoma is not expected to return to Alabama.

Anoma was the No. 4 overall prospect in 2018 and recorded nine tackles this past season.

Could this all turn into nothing and Anoma returns to Alabama? Sure.

However, there seems to be a lot of talk and rumors that would suggest a transfer to Maryland sometime in the future.