Walt Bell has been described as “intense.” How intense is he?

Well, the picture that the new Maryland offensive coordinator tweeted the night before the start of training camp said a lot:

That, of course, is an air mattress. That will be the new place of rest for the 31-year-old offensive coordinator who apparently doesn’t rest very often. At least it will be every night for the rest of training camp. And he’ll also sleep on the air mattress at the team facility for three days a week during the season.

So why does he do it?

“It saves me 40 minutes. As soon as I get up, I can roll over, go downstairs, work out, come right back, bang, I’m here,” Bell told the Maryland media on Tuesday. “Instead of having to write on a yellow notepad, if I have some idea by the nightstand or have some eureka moment — which are few and far between — but if one of those does happen, I’m right in front of my computer, we can make that change.

“I don’t do anything in moderation very well. This is definitely one of the most positive addictions you can have. I love this game, and it is a small price to pay to hopefully be good.”

That’s some serious dedication.