Big Ten coaches will not always make their thoughts public, particularly when it comes to addressing rivals within the conference. Fortunately, Athlon Sports compiled anonymous comments from coaches in the B1G ahead of 2022.

When it comes to Maryland and head coach Mike Locksley’s program, some coaches are excited for what the Terps have in store. One coach admitted starting quarterback Taulia Tagoavailoa is a star but wonders if he has “a next gear.”

The same coach admitted it could be a big year for the Terp offense with the pieces on that side of the ball. However, the offense needs to be careful with the playcalling.

A different coach called the Terrapins “must-see” in 2022, but that comment was far from a compliment. That coach indicated it was because the Terps are just as likely to score 60 as give up 60 on any given Saturday.

Here is what B1G coaches had to say about the Terps:

  • “When you talk about the portal, this was a program we figured would benefit from how Mike [Locksley] works in recruiting. They’re a staff that’s aggressive; they go out headhunting for big talent and fit what they do to their personnel, and that’s probably not as popular a method in this league. But they’ve been killed in the offseason by defensive transfers, and that’s the side of the ball where the questions are.”
  • “Taulia [Tagovailoa] is a star. Does he have a next gear? Can he be a legit superstar? Legit superstars can slow things down. Sometimes you see his tape and he’s close. Sometimes he’s still playing off pure instinct. They have a lot of really good pieces around him, especially at receiver. This could be a really special year for that offense. Sometimes that talent-first mentality can bite them because they’re so aggressive with their calls. It’s like they’re using every play-call to recruit. So they’ll hit a big play, gash you for 50, and just as easily turn it over the next play.”
  • “They’re going to be must-see, because you never know if they’re going score 60 and win or give up that much. Locksley is fearless; you have to hand him that. They could catch some breaks and just shoot everybody out, but they have a grinding schedule, so it could just as easily fall apart on them.”