Maryland’s response to ESPN’s reporting on the timeline of events surrounding the death of OL Jordan McNair and a “toxic culture” within the program was to announce that multiple staffers had been placed on administrative leave. At the time, the school did not name the athletic program staffers. ESPN’s latest report identifies the staffers as head football athletic trainer Wes Robinson and director of athletic training Steve Nordwall. They will be on administrative leave until the school complete its investigation into the death of McNair.

Robinson has held the title of head football athletic trainer at Maryland since 2006. Nordwall came to Maryland in 2014 and oversees the training, conditioning and health care of all the school’s student-athletes. A follow-up tweet by one of ESPN’s reporters says the head of football strength and conditioning, Rick Court, has also been placed on leave.

ESPN’s report on the May 29 workouts say McNair had difficulty completing the assigned 10 110-yard sprints. McNair reportedly needed assistance of others to complete the 10th sprint. After he completed it, Robinson allegedly yelled “Drag his ass across the field!” referring to McNair.

Both Maryland and the McNair family have hired investigators. The attorneys hired by McNair say there are 58 unaccounted minutes between McNair reportedly having a seizure (5 p.m.) and 911 being called (5:58). Maryland says they have no indication of a player having a seizure at 5 p.m. May 29. McNair reportedly died of heatstroke in the hospital. The family’s attorney says McNair arrived with a temperature of 106 degrees.