Torrey Smith may have just become the most popular receiver in the NFL.

On Saturday night, shocking news came out of Indianapolis, as former No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck announced he was retiring from the league after a string of serious injuries that have hindered his career at the professional level.

Luck stated that he was “mentally worn down” from the injuries and long recovery process. Recently, he was battling a mysterious calf/ankle injury that could’ve prevented him from seeing the field on Week 1.

After the announcement, FOX Sports radio host Doug Gottlieb chimed in with perhaps the worst take in the history of takes.

“Retiring cause rehabbing is ‘too hard’ is the most millennial thing ever,” Gottlieb wrote on Twitter.

In response to that tweet, Smith put Gottlieb on full blast. And got plenty of praise for doing so.

“You stole credit cards because working was ‘too hard'” Smith responded.

Gottlieb used a stolen credit card to make multiple purchases while at Notre Dame as a college basketball player. After the incident, he transferred from the program.

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Smith’s response to Gottlieb received nearly 100,000 likes on Twitter. So, yeah, he’s a pretty popular guy — as if he wasn’t before.

Gottlieb has often been criticized for his ridiculous hot takes, but this may be one of the best responses we’ve seen.