Jaylen Smith  parlayed two solid seasons at Maryland into becoming a top 10 NBA Draft pick on Wednesday night. Questions about his fit and ceiling remain, but it was still a huge moment for the former Maryland big man.

The Phoenix Suns took Smith tenth overall, banking on his ability and upside. The potential is clearly there although it might take a season or two to continue to refine a player with size who still needs to work on his explosiveness.

Responses were mixed about him landing at the Suns and being taken so high. There was some clear excitement but also some questions about immediate fit and him being taken so high in the draft:

Oh, and he can do this. Never forget that:

Also, this:

The speculation that Smith could end up with the Suns began before they picked. Adrian Wojnarowksi (who else?) had the scoop:

Smith is coming off a season at Maryland where he progressed as a sophomore, averaging 15.5 points per game and 10.5 rebounds per game. He also had an impressive 2.4 blocks per game: