The coaching staff at Maryland has come under harsh scrutiny over the last few days after a bombshell report from ESPN claimed that a “toxic” environment of bullying, harassment and cruelty has been created under head coach D.J. Durkin.

Details of a hostile environment and toxic culture were made public just a few months after the death of offensive lineman Jordan McNair. In wake of the reports, several members of the coaching staff, including head coach D.J. Durkin, have been placed on leave.

College football analyst Paul Finebaum talked about the situation at Maryland on The RoundTable on WJOX. Finebaum doesn’t see a way Durkin can recover from such a terrible situation.

When the president of the university issues a statement saying the information that he has seen is “profoundly disturbing,” I don’t think you need to poll the jury any longer, I think the verdict is in. I do not think he will be back.

You’re talking about a serious situation here…unfortunately, in this case, we’ve seen someone die. I think that makes it more complex and the fact that Will Muschamp stood up for him is magnanimous on Muschamp’s part. But I was really dumbfounded by his logic and his reasoning.

Will Muschamp, the head coach at South Carolina, defended Durkin to the media after being asked about the line between coaching and abuse.

Finebaum seems to be right on the money, as it appears to be very unlikely — at least from an outsider’s perspective — that Durkin and members of his staff will recover from the damning reports.

Maryland has not set a timetable on a decision.