Greg McElroy did not hold back when discussing the issues surrounding Maryland’s football program.

The ESPNU radio host and analyst addressed the ongoing investigation in a segment Thursday, and he said he is not among those ready to fire head coach D.J. Durkin. McElroy said he would like to know more of the facts before reaching a decision, but he did acknowledge Durkin must take responsibility for things that happened under his watch.

But when it comes to the training staff, McElroy was blunt in calling them out. He called for Maryland’s training staff to lose their licenses right away:

“Those people should lose their license today, this instant,” said McElroy. “Everyone associated with that training staff, gone. See ya. And never work in the field again, you don’t deserve it. You’ve lost that privilege.”

ESPNU Radio shared audio of McElroy’s comments:

An investigation into the details surrounding the death of Maryland player Jordain McNair is still ongoing.