DJ Durkin has become one of the more controversial figures in college football. Following the death of Jordan McNair, reports of a “toxic culture” within the program and the outline of some of his coaching techniques, the former Maryland head coach isn’t held in the brightest of lights.

After spending nearly three months on administrative leave and never coaching a game in 2018, Durkin was fired by the University of Maryland for everything that unfolded under his watch. He was 10-15 in two seasons on the sideline.

Now, the former head coach is looking for a job. Reports last week circulated that he had been in a “consultant-like” role at Alabama, news which upset a good portion of the country.

Considering the outrage and backlash from what occurred at Maryland, it’s fair to wonder whether Durkin will ever be a head coach again. SEC Network host Paul Finebaum believes it’s entirely possible, though it may take some time.

“It will be awhile,” Finebaum said on WJOX’s The RoundTable. “I say that because even though he was not specifically implicated in the Maryland probe, it’s hard for him to wash this away.”

Durkin has a successful past as a defensive coordinator, working on staff with Urban Meyer at Florida and Jim Harbaugh at Michigan. He was also revered as one of the top recruiters in college football, even elevating Maryland to new heights with the 2017 and 2018 classes.

But after everything that transpired in College Park, it’s hard to believe Durkin will find work on a college sideline, at least in the near future. Still, Finebaum says there’s a path.

“We don’t really know who this guy is, other than what we’ve read in these reports about the system he ran,” Finebaum said. “I mean there’s a path. Just call Hugh Freeze or anyone else. The path is usually try to get involved with Nick Saban, try to get involved with someone else. Two years from now, most people won’t care.”

“If Bobby Petrino can find work after what he did at Arkansas, anyone can find work.”