The college football offseason can take a toll on fans. Without fail, there are arrests and injuries. Rival fanbases also turn up the social-media trash talking. Seemingly minor stories get turned into major controversies. In short, feel good stories are few and far between in the summer.

Maryland’s Ellis McKennie stepped to the plate to provide one of those feel good stories recently. On Friday, he shared a reflective tweet on all his accomplishments and opportunities thanks to playing college football for the Terrapins.

“I am so blessed for what football has done for me,” McKennie wrote in the tweet. “By the age of 22 I will have a bachelors and masters degree. With 0 student debt. I’m telling you this game can take you more places than just the NFL.

McKennie’s tweet appears to be unprompted. He graduated in May (and spoke to the team website). He is a graduate student but remains on the football team.

McKennie earned his degree in government and politics.