Maryland football players stood shoulder-to-shoulder inside the team’s practice facility on Monday morning, as the team announced how it would be honoring Jordan McNair on the field this season.

Two players, Ellis McKennie and Johnny Jordan, were selected to speak to the media, detailing the ways the team planned to honor McNair, who died following a team workout over the summer.

For the 2018 season, every player will sport a helmet sticker with No. 79. There will also be a moment of silence held in the first two games of the season.

“We plan to have (Jordan McNair’s) legacy live on forever and plan to never forget,” McKennie opened. “This season, Jordan’s spirit will be living within each and every one of us. Every play we make, every snap we take will be in Jordan’s honor.

“This season, every game we’ll be wearing a helmet sticker with the number 79 on the back. It’s the number that Jordan wore during his time here at Maryland. Also, during the Texas and Temple game, we will hold a moment of silence in his honor.

“In addition, one Maryland football student-athlete, every year, will be bestowed with a scholarship in Jordan’s honor.”

Maryland will also honor McNair by encasing his locker and no Terrapin will wear his number for the next three seasons.

Below is the full video of McKennie and Jordan addressing the media, detailing the plans to honor McNair.