The Maryland Board of Regents will be briefed on the findings of the investigation into the death of former football player Jordan McNair on Sept. 21, according to a report.

Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic reported Wednesday that the independent consultant investigating McNair’s death will present his findings at a regularly scheduled meeting on Sept. 21. Following the meeting, the findings will be made available to the public.

The death of McNair occurred during a Maryland football organized workout over the summer. McNair collapsed after practice and later died from heat stroke.

After McNair’s death, ESPN released a story detailing a “toxic” culture that was established at Maryland under head coach D.J. Durkin and strength coach Rick Court. Durkin and other members of the staff were placed on administrative leave and Court “parted ways” with the university after reaching a financial settlement.

Two months after the incident, Maryland President Wallace D. Loh met with McNair’s parents. He said that the university accepted all “legal and moral responsibility” for McNair’s death.

Durkin is still on paid administrative leave.