Maryland fans will no longer have the luxury of spending fall Saturday afternoons at Byrd Stadium.

That’s because “Byrd Stadium” is no more.

The University of Maryland board of regents voted 12-5 in favor of renaming the stadium, according to the Washington Post. For the time being, it will be named “Maryland Stadium.” Maryland’s football facility had been known as Byrd Stadium since 1923.

The change was made because former football star Harry Clifton “Curley” Byrd later became president and fought to deny black students admission to the university. While the first black students admitted to Maryland occurred during Byrd’s time as president, it wasn’t because of him.

He even engineered a campaign for a “separate but equal” platform while running for governor.

Ironically enough, a current Maryland student named Colin Byrd helped engineer the efforts to have the name removed. Byrd has no relation to the deceased Maryland president.

Byrd applauded the board of regents’ decision to rename the venue.

“I think today is a watershed moment for the University of Maryland,” Byrd told the Washington Post. “I think we’re moving towards making sure we don’t honor individuals who conflict with our current commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion.”

Maryland president Wallace D. Loh was reportedly in support of the movement, as were Maryland’s senators and U.S. House members.

It remains to be seen if the facility will be renamed after the 2016 season, which will be the first of the D.J. Durkin era.