The last thing you want to see in training camp is someone taken away in an ambulance.

According to the Washington Post’s Roman Stubbs, that’s what happened at Maryland on Thursday. Defensive back Denzel Conyers went down with an injury that required hospitalization:

It isn’t believed what the injury was. Maryland was practicing outdoors in conditions in which one player lost 13 pounds. But it isn’t known if it was a dehydration issue or what. And even if it was, Maryland has been taking extensive measures to make sure players weren’t practicing dehydrated.

According to Stubbs, Conyers was in better shape after he got to the hospital.

Conyers played in nine games last year and made 15 tackles. The 6-3 former JUCO transfer had two tackles for loss and a sack in his first season of action.

We’ll update this story as the information becomes available.