On Tuesday, it was announced that Mike Locksley — who was Alabama’s offensive coordinator — would become the newest head coach at Maryland.

Locksley had spent time with the Terrapins before as a RBs coach and an offensive coordinator. He even had a six-game stint as the interim head coach at Maryland back in 2015. Locksley knows the area well and loves it.

He described during his introductory press conference as this being his “dream job.”

That’s the key to Maryland football going forward. Of course, we don’t know how the product will be on the field under Locksley. Alabama didn’t know with Nick Saban when it first hired him, either. The Crimson Tide hoped for greatness, of course, and that’s what followed.

The same goes for Dabo Swinney at Clemson and Urban Meyer at Ohio State. Clemson and Ohio State thought they were hiring somebody potentially great — that could win national championships. But at the time, they weren’t sure.

If you’re Maryland, you had to have loved what Locksley said throughout his opening presser. He didn’t guarantee wins, Big Ten East titles, Big Ten Championships, Rose Bowl victories or national titles. He did guarantee what he believes he can control, though.

He wants to keep all the local talent right at home. Locksley said that if he did that, that the Terps could compete with anybody in the country. Again, Locksley knows and loves the area.

At one point during his presser, this said it all:

“I’m not here to just build a winning football team. I’m here to build a winning football family.”

He knows he has to win. Locksley isn’t delusional. But one thing is for sure.

Maryland got a guy that not only believes in the program, but a guy that loves the program. If you’re Maryland, and you’ve found that coach that can call this his dream job, that’s all that you can hope for on day one.