Maryland has implemented 18 of 20 recommendations made by a sports medicine consulting firm following the death of Terrapins offensive lineman Jordan McNair.

Athletic director Damon Evans told an advisory council Wednesday that the athletic department has implemented 90 percent of Walters Inc.’s recommendations, according to ESPN. Maryland hired Rod Walters to investigate McNair’s death.

The report says that the changes include cold water immersion available at all practices and having emergency plans posted at sites and taught to staff. McNair died of heatstroke he suffered during a May 29, 2018 workout. His body temperature reportedly reached 106 degrees. The new cold water immersion could prevent in case of another similar incident.

Wednesday’s development can be seen as a progress report from Evans. The two not recommendations not yet implemented are still on the way. An athlete health review board is one of the recommendations with plans to be in place in May. The other not-yet-implemented recommendation is a supervision model for athletic trainers.