Recruiting 16, 17 and 18-year-old kids is one thing. But it’s another to recruit someone who has played collegiate football before.

They are that much older, wiser and can be more mature both physically and mentally. On Monday, Class of 2020 JUCO defensive end Mosiah Nasili-Kite announced he is committing to Maryland:

Sometimes true freshmen can make a big impact on a football field. Are they as consistent as older veteran players? Typically, no. While Nasili-Kite is coming to play from a junior college, he still has collegiate football experience.

That means something.

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And, according to 247Sports, Nasili-Kite is the No. 81 overall JUCO recruit in his class and ranks No. 12 for his position. It’s probably safe to say that Nasili-Kite will be battling for playing time early with the Terrapins.

The entire 2020 Maryland class, which ranks No. 45 nationally and No. 11 in the Big Ten, can be found here.