For some players, the number on the jersey can hold a special or sentimental value. That’s the case for Maryland running back Ty Johnson.

In his first three years in College Park, Johnson wore No. 6 on his jersey, and he had a lot of success toting the football with that number. In 2016, he rushed for 1,004 yards and six touchdowns while maintaining a 9.13 yards per carry average.

Last fall, Johnson had 875 yards and five touchdowns on 137 carries.

So why the change now? Why, after having so much success sporting No. 6 for the Terrapins, would Johnson wants to wear something different?

In an interview posted on Maryland Football’s official Twitter page, Johnson explained that No. 24 was the number he achieved so many milestones with, and wants to conclude the next milestone with that number on his back.

“All the milestones in football, I was always (number) 24,” Johnson explained. “In pee-wee I was 24. Then in high school, when I was a freshman, I couldn’t have the number I wanted. Then as a sophomore through my senior year I was 24.

“Every milestone I have finished with 24, and I want to finish this milestone with 24.”

Johnson has proven to be an explosive back for the Terrapins and has been a game-changer over the last two seasons.

In three seasons, Johnson has racked up 2,129 yards and 14 touchdowns with a 7.55 yards per carry average.

Maryland opens the season Sept. 1 in College Park against Texas.