Money makes the world go round.

For students attending college, money is everything. To exit with a degree and some sizeable debt seems to be the norm nowadays.

On Thursday, it was announced that Maryland will be helping change a little bit of that to a few lucky fans.

According to, a $5,000 scholarship will be awarded to one student during the 4th quarter of each home game this season. As the tweet mentions above, the student must be at the game.

The next home game for Maryland is scheduled for a noon kickoff on Saturday against Temple. The game will be televised on BTN.

Some of the details mentioned in the release are as follows:


  • A student ticket scan report will be run during the game in order to identify students that scanned into the stadium prior to kickoff. These will be the only students eligible to receive the $5,000 scholarship prize.
  • During the first half, the student scan list will be randomized and three names will be selected as potential winners.
  • At the second media timeout in the fourth quarter, we will announce the first winning name over the PA system and on the video board. That winning student will then have five minutes to report to the Marketing Table located on the concourse behind Section 11.
  • If that student does not arrive to claim their prize within five minutes, the next student name on the randomized list of three students will be selected and announced. This will continue to occur until the prize is claimed by a student in attendance, the list is exhausted, or the game ends. If the prize is not claimed by the end of the game, that $5,000 scholarship will roll over to the next game. As such, the next game’s prize would be a $10,000 scholarship.
  • The scholarship amount will not exceed $10,000. For example, if the scholarship goes unclaimed two games in a row, the prize will not increase to $15,000. It will remain at $10,000 until it is claimed, at which time it will reset to $5,000 at the next home game.
  • If time allows, the winning student will be recognized on the video board prior to the end of the game.