A kicking motion that resulted in Maryland’s Anthony Cowan Jr. receiving a technical foul in this weekend’s game against Ohio State was not directed at Buckeye big man Kaleb Wesson, the Terrapins guard says.

On Sunday, Cowan was assessed a technical foul after both he fell to the ground and reacted to the play with a kicking motion. That gesture came close to the head of Wesson, who had also tumbled to the court. At first glance, it looked as if Cowan may have been targeting Wesson at the end of the play.

But the Maryland guard says that wasn’t the case.

On Tuesday, Cowan met with the media and talked about that specific moment. He says he was just reacting to the play, and that there was no intent to harm Wesson.

“I remember falling. And in anger, I did a kicking motion. Y’all knowing me, y’all know I’m not going to hurt anybody, especially on a basketball court,” Cowan said, according to Emily Giambalvo of the Washington Post. “But obviously, no shape or form that was my intent to do any type of motion like that. But I did it and I’ve got to take what I got for it.”

Ohio State went on to defeat Maryland 79-72, snapping the Terps’ nine-game winning streak. Cowan finished the game with 10 points and seven assists before fouling out.