Three years have passed since Mike Locksley’s son, Meiko, was shot and killed in Columbia, Maryland, but the Maryland head coach and his wife, Kia, continue to seek information about the fatal shooting.

Meiko Locksley was shot and killed in Columbia on Sept. 3, 2017. He was only 25 at the time of death. Mike Locksley was an assistant coach at Alabama at the time.

“We hope as a family that anyone that’s listening, who may have information, that you come forward and help bring closure to our family,” Mike Locksley said at a news conference, according to ESPN. “Three years ago today, we received a knock on our door down in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, that would forever change our world, our family’s lives. We were left that night feeling numb and hurt. That night, we joined a group of people who have buried their children, a fraternity no one wants to be part of.”

Police from Howard County, Maryland have doubled the reward from $10,000 to $20,000 for information regarding Meiko’s death. In addition, the Locksley family has raised $40,000 through private donations for information.

“We don’t think this incident was random,” said Capt. Cory Zirk. “Our detectives believe that this act of violence was likely committed by someone Meiko knew, whether the motive was robbery, or had something to do with drugs, or an ongoing dispute remains to be confirmed. Someone out there knows what happened over the course of three years. We know that new information can come to light, relationships and friendships and other circumstances may change.

“If there was something holding you back from giving information to the police back then, we are asking you to reconsider, and come forward now.”