Mike Locksley saw what happened last season when South Carolina’s Shane Beamer got lost in the thick sauce after defeating North Carolina in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl. The Maryland coach came prepared for his bath in condiment Friday afternoon.

Following a 16-12 victory over N.C. State at US Bank Stadium in Charlotte, the folks from Duke’s Mayo were ready to baptize Locksley in their favorite sauce by the waterjug full.

Unlike Beamer, Locksley made sure he wasn’t going to get the brute force of mayonnaise covering his body from head to toe for the rest of the evening.

Kids nowadays have been seen donning the oversized hat look as part of the newest trend in today’s culture. Locksley grabbed the giant Maryland ballcap from the sidelines and used it as a shield to block most of the mayo to fall sideways and down his back rather than engulf his body and fill all the nooks and carnies that are hard to reach.

Take a look for yourself. Or better yet, look away if that much mayo makes you queasy.