When you have two quarterbacks, you actually have none. That’s a phrase that’s used a lot in football. That being said, Urban Meyer at Florida won a national championship using two quarterbacks.

Even at Ohio State, when the Buckeyes won the first College Football Playoff, it was with their third-string QB. There’s something to be said for having multiple guys that can play at the most important position.

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For Maryland, they have a decision to make. Injuries have played a part in their QB situation, but on Tuesday, coach Mike Locksley gave updates on Tyrrell Pigrome and Josh Jackson:

Apparently both Pigrome and Jackson are healthy. Locksley wants one to be “the guy.” But, that’s not the case right now. He believes using both gives Maryland the best chance at winning. And, he even has QB Lance LeGendre who has some packages with the offense as well.

The Terrapins have a number of QBs it can use. We’ll see how it all plays out this Saturday when Maryland hosts Nebraska.