When you spend time at Alabama, there’s quite a bit you can learn. And then, if you land a job as a head coach somewhere else, you take what you learned from Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide “process,” and implement that with your current team.

That’s exactly what Mike Locksley is doing at Maryland.

Locksley is entering his first season as the head coach of the Terrapins after spending the last three seasons in Tuscaloosa. He’s entering a program that needs some reconstruction if it hopes to challenge in the B1G East.

So how can Locksley bring some of that Bama knowledge to College Park? It starts with practice.

“This is the practice plan, almost to a T, that we used at Alabama,” Locksley said during an interview with BTN. “I thought it was a really good plan because it allowed you to develop your whole team.”

Considering the national championship-level success Alabama has enjoyed, using that practice plan may not be a bad idea.

Nobody is expecting Maryland to become a competitor in the B1G East overnight, but it’s a program that can be more competitive with the big boys in the division in the future. It may take some time, but Locksley is headed down the right path with the Terrapins.

Maybe they’ll be talking about “the process” at Maryland in a few years.