Mike Locksley is hoping to learn a lot about his team during spring practice. That means he’s going to have to ask some important questions during the 15 practices through the rest of the month.

One of those questions is making the rounds on social media. Not only is it important — it’s hilarious.

While mic’d up during a recent practice, Locksley asked some staffers, players and even the cameraman what they would do if they got slapped by Will Smith. It’s a reference to the Academy Award fiasco, when Smith walked on stage and slapped comedian and host Chris Rock.

Maryland shared the video clip on social media this week:

OK, so maybe it’s not the most important question. But it’s one that’s pretty entertaining.

A lot of work is meant to get accomplished through 15 spring practices. Teams also have quite a bit of fun during the training. That appears to be the case in College Park.