Mike Locksley’s team had a couple of calls go against them in the Purdue game. The Boilermakers went on to win the game 31-29.

Maryland first had an extra point blocked in the fourth quarter even though there was a Purdue defender offsides. The referees decided not to throw the flag on that play.

Then with under a minute to go the Terps were down by eight points. Maryland rallied to score and converted the two-point try. However, there was a flag thrown for illegal man downfield that was far away from the play.

The late call in the game ended up deciding the victor in a close contest. Locksley gave his thoughts on the late-game decisions per Emmett Siegel of Testudo Times.

“I’ll say this: the blocked extra point had a major impact on the game,” said Locksley. “The illegal man downfield had no impact on the touchdown. I’ll leave it at that.”

Both Purdue and Maryland are now 4-2 after Week 6.