Mike Locksley has experienced a handful of victory baths while at Maryland, but one stands out a bit more than the others.

On Saturday, Locksley landed his third straight bowl win with the Terrapins. It is the first time in history that Maryland has a bowl win in three straight seasons, and Locksley received the customary Gatorade bath as a result.

Immediately after the game, Locksley admitted he was glad the bath only included Gatorade in the Music City Bowl after a Duke’s Mayo Bowl win last season:

“It feels better than the Mayo did a year ago,” said Locksley in reference to the victory celebration last season.

While it was all in good fun, Locksley is not losing any sleep to be in Nashville for this year’s bowl game. He also said the Terrapins have figured out how to prepare for the postseason in the new-look landscape of college football.

He went on to praise a senior group for Maryland that stayed through the bowl game:

“It’s the standard we set for how to prepare for bowl games. With the new landscape of college football, we have to send seniors out the right way,” explained Locksley. “I have to give credit to a bunch of seniors that decided to finish because that’s not the way it’s been done around the country. We had a bunch of seniors that will get a chance to play at the next level stay and finish the job.”

Locksley also got a chance to see some young players in action, something he expects to be the theme of the Terrapins heading into 2024. He was proud of how that young group competed in the win.

“I saw a bunch of young players make plays today. Was it clean? No, but it was a lot of good teaching,” Locksley explained.