It’s common to see players shed weight during training camp in any sport. Training camp during the dog days of summer makes that inevitable in college football, much less for a program with a high-motor coach like DJ Durkin.

But not everyone is dropping a handful of pounds on a given day.

Maryland center Brendan Moore caught up with the Big Ten Network crew, which came to the Terps camp as part of their fall tour. During that interview, Moore admitted he sweat quite a bit during practice.

“Yeah, I lost 13 pounds today,” Moore said. “That’s around the average that I lose.”

Now before you get concerned that Maryland players are pushing it too hard, consider a few things. For one, Moore is listed at 300 pounds and he played high school football in Texas. He’s plenty familiar with sweating up a storm in fall camp.

Moore also said that he doesn’t stay at his post-practice weight. He said that Maryland trainer Wes Robinson does a great job of getting them the right foods to put the weight back on while keeping them plenty hydrated.

He explained it all here (go to the 3-minute mark):

Maryland is actually going above and beyond to make sure players stay hydrated. Durkin implemented a urine test every morning to ensure nobody is beginning the day dehydrated. Those levels are also being monitored throughout the day by the Maryland training staff.

Will the Terps be better prepared to handle the rigors of the B1G East? That remains to be seen, but contrary to Moore’s in-practice weight loss, they don’t appear to be wearing down.