Maryland fans might have a legitimate reason to be upset with the officiating at the end of Saturday’s game against LSU.

The Terrapins’ season ended in heartbreaking fashion, as Tremont Waters scored a game-winning layup with just 1.6 seconds remaining. A desperation heave from three-quarter court from Maryland was off the mark, and the Terps suffered a 69-67 loss in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

But if you look closely at Waters’ final drive to the basket at the end of the game, it looks like he might’ve gotten away with a travel. Here’s a replay of the drive, followed by a slow-motion look at the play:

It appears that Waters took three steps after picking up his dribble and driving to the hoop, which would’ve warranted a whistle from the officiating crew. But at game speed with time winding down, the call got missed.

So, does Maryland have a legitimate gripe? Or was Waters’ drive to the basket clean?