Parents love to take advantage of any opportunity they get to embarrass their children. And one mother took it to an entirely different level.

During a Maryland men’s basketball game on Tuesday, a mother and son were put on the “Fan Cam,” usually capturing people dancing or acting goofy in the stands. When the camera turned to one mother, she went all out.

Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone,” started blasting over the loud speaker and the mother started lip syncing, using her cell phone as an impromptu microphone. And she gave an incredible effort, acting as if she was on stage giving the performance.

Her son couldn’t have been more embarrassed. He tried to cover his face with his hood, sit as far away as possible in his chair, but there was just no escaping his mother’s ploy to embarrass him.

The video is below. It’s a moment all parents will applaud, and all children will pray never happens to them.