Jim Harbaugh knows what it means to have the special type of season Michigan is having and acknowledges the biggest game of the 2022 schedule is “18 days” away.

Harbaugh told star Wolverine running back Blake Corum that being 8-0 means you’re on a “rampage” and during a recent interview he was asked about what being 9-0 meant.

“It’s still a rampage. And you have to keep it going. It’s definitely magical, we’re on a really good ride. Want to do everything you can to keep it going,” Harbaugh said while breaking down the remaining schedule. “Really locking in, 18 days from now takes us to the Ohio State game, so every single day, everything we do is locking in.”

Michigan has 3 remaining B1G teams on the schedule and currently is No.5 in the College Football Playoff with it looking likely they’re going to move up after 2 of the top 4 teams lost this last weekend. The biggest challenge for Harbaugh’s team will be traveling to the ‘Horseshoe’ in Columbus to play their rival Ohio State who is considered to be the No. 2 team in the nation.

“Attacking each day and trying to make that day the best,” Harbaugh said as he described what those 18 days would look like moving forward. “best meetings, and best practices.”

Michigan will play at home against a struggling Nebraska as it continues its “rampage.”